Welcome to my Brand: Viquii Johannesson

Welcome to my Brand: Viquii Johannesson

It’s October 2022, 5 years + and, I am still developing my brand. Since I first started this Blog, I have made it a website and so much has happened. From the Pandemic and losing loved ones to continuing to work hard to push through. So, I am picking up where I left off. It has been difficult, and fatigue set in; after all I am human but, I am strong in spirit, and I have since started branding and moving forward with projects as well as creating this website and have purchased my domain name: Viquiijohannesson.com. I have not been to the movie theater since they re-opened and now that it’s near the end of 2022, I choose to continue with distancing and not attend very crowded places. Meanwhile, I have watched many, many movies and I’ll talk about those on my Movie Reviews page. I have also done more business research, picked up another niche’ project for developing film and have done research, research, research both as a fan and a colleague. Wow, have I learned a lot not only from other people, and places but also about people in interviews I’ll share those later in my ‘Interviews section’ as well as places I hope to travel to soon.

I have a few upcoming projects I’m working on and writing screenplays and scripts, so there is so much more to come!

– Viquii Johannesson –


Welcome to my Brand: Viquii Johannesson

Let’s see how this will work out for the next 5 years. I hear you can make money off of the internet and this is just one way to do this, start a blog. So, this is more than a blog, this is Brand Development. I am putting my stamp on the world, starting with my hometown state of California. Now, I’m not in Los Angeles nor am I in San Francisco, but I am right at the border of both big cities in a small town. There is a little history in this small Urban sleepy bedroom community, sprawling with middleclass families, working families, hustle and bustle right in the center of highway 80 going straight through the town. Literally on opposite sides of the freeway you’ll see stores and shops on both sides. Further down is our neighbor Fairfield, a much bigger community now, it used to be as small as Vacaville, but, I still would prefer this quaint little town now that it’s grown some. It’s quiet, every moving, always on the go and as I said most people here are commuters working in both Sacramento and San Francisco even as far as Silicon Valley, for those that don’t know that’s San Jose. So, I’m off to the races!  Ready to start my Brand, it’s pretty experimental right now, not sure how it will turn out or where this journey will take me, but if you want to join me, you are welcome to come along for the ride for the next 5 years and who knows, you may pick up a few items, knowledge, perks, advise, tips, meet a few people, be inspired, gain some experience and want to start your own journey yourself. So, for the next 4 weeks I will get through a rough patch because the next thing I heard is you can’t do it alone. But alone is how it has to start sometimes and the internet is a lonely highway, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So, follow me on this journey of building my brand, first with development:

– Viquii Johannesson –


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